Broad Based Extension (BBE)

Broad Based Extension (BBE)

Economic growth is an essential component of development; it is not the only as development is not a purely economic phenomenon.  The common man in India, as also in other developing countries, expects a higher standard of living for himself, his family, his community and his nation.  The village peoples also expect such standard of living.  For that purpose farmers are not concerned with crop production alone.  They undertake a number of land based activities.  Therefore, the focus of agricultural extension needs to be shifted form commodity production or crop production oriented to farmers’ income oriented.  That means, for development of farmer it is necessary to develop their economic status by improving other production with crop production.  To improve their production capacity they have to improve resources, technical knowledge and skills.  On this basis this broad based extension concept was emerge out.

The process of broadening scope of agricultural extension on bringing a number of farm activities in addition to the crop production under the umbrella of agricultural extension is known as broad based agricultural extension.

For improving the overall development of farmer’s regular flow technology through unified extension services together with specialized support to grass root level farmer is necessary

Research system                                                Extension System

Meet the requirement



Develop and Strengthen

Integrated Agricultural Complex


  1. Field crops.
  2. Horticulture.
  3. Forestry.
  4. Agro-forestry.
  5. Animal production including poultry, bee
  6.  keeping, sericulture and aquaculture.
  7. Soil and water management.
  8. Mushroom production.
  9. Hi-tech agriculture.
  10. Marketing.


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