Broad Objectives of watershed Development

Broad Objectives of watershed Development

In general, the watershed development fulfills the following objectives.

1.To bring about increased productivity.
2.To make yields less subject to the effect of erratic rains.
3.To improve resource conservation (soil & water) and land use.
4.To create additional employment potential for the small / marginal farmers and agricultural labourers.

Principles or objectives of watershed management:

1. Utilizing the land according to its capability.
2. Putting adequate vegetal cover on the soil during the rainy season.
3. Conserving as much water as possible at the place where it falls. i.e. In situ conservation of rain water.
4. Draining out excess water with a safe velocity and diverting it to storage ponds avoiding situation hazards and store it for further sue for supplemental irrigation during stress periods.
5. Avoiding gully formation and putting checks at suitable intervals to control soil erosion and recharge ground water.
6. Maximizing productivity per unit area, per unit time and per unit of water.
7. Increasing cropping intensity and land equivalent ratio through intercropping and sequence cropping.
8. Safe utilization of marginal lands through alternate land use system such as horticulture, Agro forestry, silvipasture etc.
9. Ensuring sustainability of the eco – system benefiting the man – animal – animal – plant – land, water complex in the water complex in the watershed.
10 Maximum the combined income from the inter related and dynamic crop – livestock – tree – labour complex over years.
11. Stabilizing total income and cut down risks during aberrant water situation.
12. Improving infrastructural facilities with regards to storage, transportation and marketing.
13. Improving the socio – economic status of the farmers.

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