Care, Protection and Conditioning of Bare Rooted Seedlings

Care, Protection and Conditioning of Bare Rooted Seedlings

The necked seedlings in Rabinia, Walnut, Poplar, Willow, Asculus species, Apple, Pear, Peas are raised on the raised beds, they are uprooted during the next planting season that is in January February. These bare root seedlings are planted without a ball of earth after about a year’s growth in the nursery. In case of Poplar, Willows they are also raised from cuttings inserted in the nursery beds Jan – Feb and one year old plants become plantable in the following winter. In tropical condition also the bare rooted stumps of Teak wood and Sisso and other seedlings can also be carefully uprooted with a ball of earth and during rainy days transplanted carefully in the already prepared pits. The seedlings on the beds are carefully nourished in the nursery for one or two year by taking following cares in the nursery.

1. Regular Watering: Provision of adequate moisture at all times is essential for a nursery in the tropics. The water with fine spray of rows fitted to the watering can is essential in the early growth period of nursery so that the small fine seeds sown on the surface should not be washed out. The seed bed should never dry out be kept continuously moist.

2. Shading: Shading is related to protection against the scorching heat of sun, the seed trays, containers as well as nursery beds should be provided with temporary shadings structure because the younger seedlings are more sensitive to the scorching (Sun heat) in the month of march to may.

3. Shelter: Seedlings need shelter from four climatic phenomenons that is wind physically damages seedlings, large hailstorms break and crush seedlings, frost is only important in high elevation in certain location and heavy rain causes physically damage both to the beds and containerizes seedlings.

4. Seedlings Nutrition: The production of healthy seedlings depends on an adequate supply of nutrients 120 Kg of N, 80 Kg of P and 120 Kg of K with 12 Kg of Calcium per hector is added for good growth of seedlings. Fertilizer are applied either before sowing when the bed is prepared.

5. Weed Control: Competition of weeds for moisture, nutrients, and light depress seedlings growth, if not controlled can lead to seedlings death. Weeding is therefore essential 2-3 times at interval of 3-4 weeks at the initial stage of growth of seedlings.

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