Changes in and Dis-Integration of the Joining Family

Changes in and Dis-Integration of the Joining Family

The joint family structure came into being in India because or its agricultural economy and because of the needs of the agriculture. Now the situation has changed. The country is getting industrialized. The population has gone up. The houses have become shall and the process of urbanization has changed the socio-economic conditions. Because of all these factors, the institution of joint family has started changing. In certain respects it has even dis-integrated. There are reasons for it. The important factors that have brought about the change in the joint family structure are:

1. Industrial development or industrialization.

2. Development of the means of communication and scientific and technological development.

3. Increase in population.

4. The process of urbanization.

5. Impact of western civilization and culture.

6. Education and development of individualism.

7. Dis-integration of village industries.

8. Social movements.

9. Social legislations, particularly those pertaining to the status of women.

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