Classes of Sub Division Zygomycotina in Fungi

Classes of Sub Division Zygomycotina in Fungi

1. Class: Zygomycetes 
 Saprobic or if parasitic or predacious having mycelium in immersed in host tissue.

2. Class: Trichomycetes
Associated with arthopods and attached to the cuticle or digestive tract by a holdfast and not immersed in the host tissue.

Classification of Family: Mucoraceae

Genus- Mucor


Cosmopolitain, wide spread in soil and on dung and organic substratta. Sporangia are globose and borne on branched and unbranched sporangiophore.

Presence of rhizoid at the base of sporangiophore and stoloniferous habit.

E.g. Mucur mucedo- on dung

E.g. Rhiopus stolonifer- Sweet potato rot

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