Classification of Bonsai

Classification of Bonsai

1. Upright or Chokkan Style:

In this style a single specimen is grown with a straight and upright stem.

2. Winding or Kyokkuk Style:

In this style a single trunk is twisted once or several times, showing as if it has struggled for its existence in the wild.

3. Oblique or Shakan Style:

This is also referred to as windswept style. The plant is grown in an oblique position as if swept by wind and consequently sometimes having more branches on one side.

4. Gnarled or Hankan Style:

This differs a little from the winding style., Here the trunk is twisted near the ground once or twice to form a knob or a loop.

5.  Cascade or Kengai Style:

Here the trunk hangs over the edge of the container as if it was hanging over the ledge of a mountain.

6. Ikadi- Buki Style:

A tree is often laid or trained horizontally and several branches are allowed to grow vertically at intervals resembling individual trees, alternatively, 2 or 3 plants of the same kind may ne planted in a single container. Another method is the clustered Bonsai where several branches are allowed to grow from ground level ion a clustered manner.

7. Clasped to Stone Style:

A single tree is grown with its roots trained over a stone or some blocks of boiler ash. Plants grown in this way presents the look of age and tenacity.

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