Classification of Fungi – up to Genus

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Classification of Fungi – up to Genus

G.C. Ainsworth ( 1973) and J.Webster (1980)


1) Myxomycota ( Plasmodium or pseudoplasmodium are present):

i) Acrasiomycetes
ii) Myxomycetes
iii) Myxomycetes
iv) Plasmodiophoromycetes

2) Eumycota (Absence of Plasmodium or Pseudoplasmodium) :

i) Mastigomycotina
ii) Zygomycotina
iii) Ascomycotina
iv) Basidiomycotina
v) Deuteromycotina

Classes of Sub Division of Mastigomycotina:

i) Chytridiomycetes
Zoospores posteriorly uniflagellate i.e. Whiplash type flagella

ii) Hyphochytridomycetes
Zoosores anteriorly uniflagellate i.e. tinsel type flagella.

iii) Oomycetes:
Zoospores biflagellate flagella i.e. posterior whiplash and anterior tinsel type.

Classification of Class of Oomycetes:


i) Saprolegniales
ii) Leptomitales

iii) Lagenidiales

iv) Peronosporales :

There are two types of parasites:
a. Non obligate parasites or Facultative parasites
Family- Pythiaceae
b. Obligate Parasites (Biotrophs)
Family: Albuginaceae
Genus: Albigo

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