Classification of Obligate Parasites in Fungi

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Classification of Obligate Parasites in Fungi

Obligate Parasites are classified in two family Albuginaceae and Fernosporaceae

Family Albuginaceae:

Genus- Albugo

Sporangiospores are club shaped. Sporangia are arranged in Basipetal succession i.e oldest at top and youngest at the bottom. E.g. White rust of Crucifers- Albugo Candida.

Classification of Family: Pernosporaceae (Downey Mildew Fungi)






Sporangiophore is a long stout hypha, with many upright branches near the end, beraing sporangia at its tips

Sporangiophores are dichitomoulsy branched atacute angles and sporangia are borne on pointed tips.

Sporangiophoresare chotomously branched and sporangia are formed on short sterigmata and irregularly spaced.

Sporangiophores are dichotomously branched and sporangia germinate by means of zoospores.

Sporangiophores are dichotomously branched and tips of branches intocup shapedapophyses wih for sterigamata each bearing sporangia.

E.g. Downey mildew of bajara.-S.graminicola

E.g. Downey mildew of onion-P.destructor

E.g. Downey mildew of grape-P.viticola

E.g. Downey mildew of cucurbits – P.cubensis

E.g. Downey mildew of Lettuce-B.Lactucae.


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