Classification of Silvicultural System

Classification of Silvicultural System

There are number of ways for classification, but most common is on the basis of Mode of Regeneration and further classified according to pattern of felling carried out in the crop.

Two Main Categories or Groups:

1) High Forest Silvicultural Systems
2) Coppice Silvicultural Systems

1) High Forest Silvicultural Systems:

Silvicultural systems in which regeneration is normally of seedling origin either natural or artificial or combination of both and where rotation is generally long


A) System of Concentrated Regeneration

a) Clear Felling System:

i) The clear felling system
ii) The clear strip system
iii) The alternate strip system

b) Shelter Wood System:
i) The Uniform System
ii) The Group System
iii) The shelter wood strip system
iv) Anger’s Blender system
v) Eberbird’s Wedge System
vi) The Strip and Group System
vii) The irregular Shelter wood system
viii) The Indian Irregular Shelter wood System
B) System of Diffused Regeneration:

a) The Selection System
b) The Group Selection System
C) Accessory System:
a) Two Storeyed High Forest System
b) High Forest with Reserves System
c) Improvement Fellings

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