Computer Applications

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Computer Applications

Computer is used to assist man in Research, Business Organization, automation, communication and a wide range of activities in human life. It has actually innumerous applications in almost every field. Some of them are:

1. Word processing
2. Desk Top Publishing
3. Business, Industry Accounting, Banking
4. Administration and office automation
5. Medicine
6. Statistical data processing and Research
7. Communications
8. Data Base Management.


Word processing enables user to prepare documents. The text can be stored for later manipulation in variety of ways. The packages available for word processing are WordStar, Word. Perfect, Soft word etc. These packages are user friendly and menu driven.

Menus are displayed to remind you of options that are available. Help messages are used to provide information about how to use the commands. The application will be discussed in a separate chapter.

Desk Top Publishing:

It is the process of producing any published material form the creation of the text through to page layout and design, and the production of the camera-ready copy complete with artwork. A DTP system is built around three components, a computer, page maker software and a laser printer.
Business, Industry Accounting, Banking:

In the filed of business and Industry computers are used to a great extent. Payrolls, Accounts, Maintains stock position etc. are all computerized with the ease of producing various reports in required format. In industries, production may be planned, coordinated and controlled with the help of computer. The equipments and processes are automated with the help of computer. The computer is also used as a management tool to assist in solving business problems.

Administration and Office Automation:

Modern offices are automated and computerized. It covers the use of word processors, various peripheral equipments like printers, Fax, modem, telephone etc. It embrances document preparation, DTP, Email, Data and voice communication and information management.


Computers are used in this field for diagnosis, storage and retrieval of information, monitoring of a patient etc. It is an aid in various complex surgeries. Various surgical, analytical equipments are automated with the help of computers.

Statistical Data Processing and Research:

The advance of computers has greatly accelerated and expanded research in almost every branch of science. Computers are used for solving mathematical calculations, a data equation and data analysis. Not only this, computers also control and monitor the scientific lab equipments. It actively participates in developing new scientific theories, forecasting/ predictions etc. Space technology, meteorology are some other fileds where computers along with statistical program/ packages are used.


Communication essentially is sending information from one place to another. The information may be in the form of data stored in computer memory, voice or a sheet of paper. It is possible to transmit all these from one computer to another through various peripherals and linkage. This is called Networking of computers. The computer to computer linkage depends on the distance. If the distance is small computers can be directly connected to each other through cables and the network so established is called Local Area Network (LAN). If the distance is more, Computers can be connected through a wireless radio transmission. This type of networking is called Wide Area Network (WAN). Computers at remote locations can also be connected through modem and telephone line. Railway ticket reservation system is one of the examples of network system of computers. Ability to share information through Networks has reduced the world into a global village. Some of the popular Network services are:

NICNET: National Informatics Centre, Govt of India.

INDONET: Computer Maintenance Corporation of India.

ERNET: Educational and Research Network of Department of Electronics.

INTERNET: International Network.

VSNL: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited of Government of India.

(The only INTERNET services provider in India.)

Data Base Management:

Database is a collection of information on particular items. The application will be discussed separately.

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