Concept of Seed Technology

Concept of Seed Technology

Seed is biological industry. Being seminal importance to agriculture seed is strictly speaking an “Embryo“ a living organism  embedded in supporting food storage tissue. The business of seed technology is to protect this biological entity and look after its welfare.

Good agricultural depend upon good quality seed. The progress in agriculture depends upon production and marketing of good quality seed of high yielding varieties. The science, seed technology takes care of all these aspects.

Seed Technology:

Seed technology is the science dealing with the methods of improving physical and genetical characteristics of seed. It involves such activities as variety development, evolution and release of varieties, seed production, seed processing, seed certification and storage. Thus seed technology is interdisciplinary science which includes broad range of subjects. It also includes seed quality control, seed marketing, seed distribution and research on above aspects of seed.

Seed Technology includes following Branches.

1) Seed Production
2) Seed Processing
3) Seed Certification
4) Seed Testing
5) Seed Biology
6) Seed Storage
7) Seed Entomology
8) Seed Pathology
9) Seed Marketing.

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