Containers for Growing Plants

Containers for Growing Plants

Many types of containers prepared from wood, earth, plastic, metal, cement concrete are available for propagation and growth of nursery plants. All water Generally shallow, and small containers are used for germinating seeds and rooting of cuttings, while bigger containers having sufficient depth are used for growing the plants.

1. Clay Pots:

These are made from red clay round in shape and as porous, loose moisture readily and heavy. These are soaked in water before use. Mostly suited for growing nursery plants.

2. Plastic Pots:

This are available in different shapes and sizes and are light in weight, requires less space for storage. Useful for growing plants.

3 Peat Fiber Pots:

These are small pots (2" to") and used for growing young plants for a short period.

4. Metal Containers:

They are also available in different shapes and sizes. These are useful for germinating seeds and rooting of cuttings.

5. Polyethylene Bags:

Polyethylene bags are available in various sizes and cheap light in weight and easy to handle. The holes are made for proper aeration and drainage. A single seed or cutting is placed for germination or rooting of cuttings.

6. Tubs / Baskets / Wooden Boxes:

These are also used for propagating plant species by seed or rooting of cuttings.

7. Earthen Pots:

In Indian, the earthen pots are used on commercial scale for sowing of seeds or rooting of cuttings. According to size the pots are named as Nand (15" x 7.5" x 12" ), Khobda or Kunda ( 12" x 7" x 7" ), Pela ( 8" x 4" x 6" ) Parli ( 10" x 7" x 4" ), Madki ( 6" x 6 " 6"), ( Upper dia x bottom x height ).

The Use of Earthen Ware Pots is as Below:


Earthen Pot




Raising of buibs (Dahias, Lilys etc) and
ornamental foliage plants like Crotons, Panax,


Khobda or Kunda

Raising of roses and ornamental foliage plants
like Panax, Dracaenas, Degonias, Gerenim.



Raising of seedlings and growing of small
herbaceous plants, tongue layers.



For raising small ornamental plants



Raising of root stock plants for grafting like
Mango, Guava etc.

The earthen pots are first dipped in water before use. The pots are cheap, easy to handle and available locally. The selection of pots for sowing of seeds or planting cuttings depends on the purpose for which the plants are grown and a period for which the plants are to be kept in a pot. Pela and Madki are used for growing stock seedlings and hence, only on seed is sown initially. Medium sized pots are used for growing young herbaceous plants and bigger pots for woody plants.

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