Control of Plant Viruses

Control of Plant Viruses

1. Quarantine Laws:

The best way to control virus disease is to keep it out of an area through a system of quarantine, inspections and certifications.

2. Selection of Seed:

Select seed from disease free localities.

3. Selection of Planting Materials:

i. e Cutting, bull, rhizomes, tubers etc should be free from disease.

4. Eradication:

Eradication of diseased plant to eliminate the inoculum from the field.

5. Indexing:

Periodical indexing of the mother plants, producing Propagative organs is necessary to ascertain these continuous freedom from virus.

6. Protection Against Insect Vectors:
This can be done by growing trap crops to check the insect vectors. Ex. Cotton reddening, white flies in bhendi.

7. Soil Fumigation:

Nematodes transmitted viruses can be reduced by the soil fumigation to control nematodes.

8. Weeds:

Removal and destruction of weeds that serve as host, broad leaf weeds in banana, orchard reduce bunchy tops.

9. Use of Resistant Varieties:

Ex. Parbhani Kranti, yellow vein mosaic of the bhendi, sugarcane mosaic.

10. Immunization:

The disease caused by severe strains of virus can be avoided if the plants are inoculated first with a mild strain of some viruses. E.g. Citrus greening.

11. Temperature Treatment:

Sugarcane mosaic can be destroyed or reduce by hot water treatment 520 C for 30 minutes.

12. Use of Insecticides:

Control of insect vector with the use of insecticides.

13. Non Availability of Chemical Substances: (Demerits)

No chemical substance (Viroides) are yet available for controlling virus disease of plants in the field.

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