Control of Roadsides and Forest Weeds

Control of Roadsides and Forest Weeds

Control of Roadsides Weeds:

A great variety of weeds infest roadside. They usually grow in abundance along roads and highways, railroads, power and telephone lines, industrial areas etc. Principle mechanical control methods adopted include mowing, burning, hand pulling, ploughing, discing etc. Herbicides like sodium chlorate, sodium arsenite boron, fenuron, monuron, diuron, simazine, bromacil, fenac, TCA are used as soil sterillants. Soil funigants like CS2, Metham, DMTA are also used. A mixture of 2 ,4-D and 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T will work successfully to control woody species along the roadsides.

Control of Forest Weeds:

One of the greatest problems of the world is that of controlling woody plant species. Such plants may be weeds in forest. Forest woody plants occupy valuable non cropped areas and even invade good agricultural land. The woody plants can be controlled by:
a) Cutting
b) Bulldozing
c) Chemicals
d) Controlled grazing
e) Burning
f) Use of roller, mower, ploughing, discing
g) Controlled grazing

Chemicals like 2,4-D , 2,4,5-T, Silvex, Amitrole,fenuron, pencloram are toxic to woody plants.

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