Correlation of Soil Test with Crop Yields

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Correlation of Soil Test with Crop Yields

Extensive and continuing research is required to workout the calibration needed for soil test interpretation under the great diversity of soils, crops and climatic conditions in India.

All India coordinated scheme for investigation of soil test crop response correlation was taken up in 1967 in recognition of need for intensified efforts to establish relationship between soil test values and crop response. This scheme utilizes a technique of establishing fertility levels within the fields on which an experiment is located. The objective is to evaluate the relationship between field and soil fertility levels without interference from other factors affecting the yield.

Correct interpretation of soil analysis is an essential part of soil testing programme. The data obtained form the soil analysis would be meaning less unless they are correlated with crop yields. On the basis of soil testing recommended fertilizer doses for the crops are modified for making fertilizer recommendation to the farmers.

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