“Cotton – Sorghum – Groundnut” Is The Best Crop Rotation

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“Cotton – Sorghum – Groundnut” Is The Best Crop Rotation

This crop rotation shows maximum characteristics of a good crop rotation, such as:

1. All these crops are of diverse botanical relationship which avoids the attack of pests & diseases.
2. It is a three course crop rotation followed in two years.
3. It provides food (Sorghum), fodder (Sorghum & groundnut) and cash (Cotton & Groundnut) to the farmer.
4. It includes a deep rooted cash crop, followed by a shallow rooted grain crop and a restorative crop which maintains the soil fertility.
5. It adds organic matter and there is maximum utilization of residual nutrients.
6. It gives higher net profit per hectare.
7. Nutrient requirement of these crops is different from each crop.
8. Groundnut fixes the atmospheric ‘N’ and increase the soil fertility by adding organic matter.

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