Crop mixture And Its Advantages

Crop mixture And Its Advantages

 It is similar to inter cropping the difference that crops are either broadcasted seeds are mixed and sown or grown as mixture with in a row.

1. Cereals – legumes
2. Cereals – oilseeds
3. Fiber crops – oilseeds
4. Fiber crops – cereals
A) For Vidarbha – Khandesh tract
Jowar – black gram
Bajra – kidney beam / Green gram
Cotton 10 – 15 rows – Red gram 2 lines.
Deccan hemp – Sesamum – seeds mixed
B) For Deccan Dists:
Bajra – 5 – 6 rows – Red gram of row
Bajra – 2 – 1 rows – one row of tur.
R. Jowar – 8 rows – Safflower 4 rows
Sunflower – 2 rows – one row of tur.

1. To utilize available space and nutrients to the maximum extent.
2. To secure daily requirements like pulses and oilseeds.
3. To safeguard against hazards of weather, diseases and pests.
4. To provide balanced cattle feed.
5. To avail distribution of labour through out the year.
6. To get handy installments of cash returns.

Limitation: In Rabi this system is uneconomical as rabi crops are grown on recording moisture.
The growth rhythmus and duration of life cycle of the mixture is different. In this main crop get harvested earlier than mixed crop by which the mix crop produces high yield with benefit of September showers. Bajra + red gram where the duration of life cycle of bajara is less than that of red gram.

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