Cultivars/ Varieties of Carrot

Cultivars/ Varieties of Carrot

Varieties or carrot are classified on the basis of shape of root and temperature response to flowering. There is carrot varieties such as long rooted, half- long rooted and short stump rooted. On the basis of temperature requirement, carrots are classified as temperate or European and tropical or Asiatic. The temperate varieties are biennial and require low temperature (4 – 8- 10 0 C) treatment for flowering to colour. These do not produce seeds in planes e.g. Nantes, Danvres Half Long etc. the tropical cultivars do not require any low temperature treatment for flowering. They produce flowers and seed in plains of high temperature.

Pusa Kesar:

This is a selection from a cross between Local Red and Nantes Half Long. This top is medium. The roots are long and red in colour with small core. It contains high (38 mg/ 100 kg) carotene. The percentage of forked roots is less and it is late bolter. Pusa Kesar can tolerate high temperature than Nantes. It is recommended for this region.


It is European cultivars which can be grown for root production. The roots are half long, slim, well shaped with stump end. The colour is deep orange and it has fewer cores. It contains high carotene. It has good qualities of root hence recommended for the region.

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