Cultivation of Amaranths (Amaranthus tricolor)

Cultivation of Amaranths (Amaranthus tricolor)

Botanical Name:

Amaranthus tricolor l.



Local Name:

Math- Marathi, Chhoti Chulai- Hindi, Cheera- Malayalam.

1. Amarnthus candotus: rajgira.
2. Amarnthus tricoloulour: Math.
3. Amarnthus blitum: tamda math.
4. Amaranthus oleracea: tandulja.

It is a warm season leafy vegetable grown in Kharif and summer season. It is short duration crop. Leafy types are grown in kitchen and market garden, recently grain types have grained some importance in protein, minerals and vitamin A and C.

Soil and its Preparations:

It can be grown on all types of soil, but loam soil is most suitable for its cultivation. Fine seed bed necessary for this crop and this can be done by repeated ploughing.

Sowing of Seed:

The crop is suitable for growing in summer as well as rainy season. The seed is sown in December- January for summer crop and April – May for rainy season crop. Seeds of this crop are very small. The seed is sown broadcast in sown or in flat beds after mixing those with fine soil fro well distribution. The seedlings of badi Chauli are transplanted after raising them in the nursery during rainy season at a spacing of 45 cm from row to row 30 cm. from plant to plant. About one kilogram seed is required for sowing one acre.


The plants are top- dressed with Urea @ 25 kg/ ha. After 15-20 days of sowing and subsequent top dressing are done. After each cutting.

After Care:

The crop become ready fro harvesting about three to four weeks after sowing and subsequent cuttings may be done after 7 to 10 days. The plants are harvested by cutting them periodically. This crop revenate quickly after each cutting.


The yield of green leaves is 90 to 100 q/ha and seed is 200 kg/ ha.


The recommended varieties are badi Chauli, Chotti Chauli and Co- 1.
Amaranthus: (Amaranthus sp.)

1. Konkan Durangi:

This is developed by selection. It is high yielding giving 82 % more yield than control. The upper surface of leaves is green while the lower one is red. Pedicel and stem colour is also red. It is suitable fro both the rabi and summer seasons.

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