Definition, Objective and Philosophy of Soil Testing

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Definition, Objective and Philosophy of Soil Testing

Soil Testing:

Soil testing is a rapid chemical analysis to access available nutrient status of the soil and includes interpretation, evaluation and fertilizer recommendation based on the result of chemical analysis and other considerations.

Objectives of Soil Testing:

1. Grouping of soil into classes relative to the nutrient level.
2. Predicating the probability of getting a profitable response to the fertilizers.
3. To provide the basis for fertilizer recommendation.

Philosophy of Soil Testing Program:

1. To assess the adequacy of supply of each plant nutrients in the soil based on careful and thorough soil testing program.
2. To test the use of plant nutrients based on following consideration.
a. Application of plant nutrients only if the soil is inadequate or desired crop yield and Maintaince of soil supplies. Plant nutrient use is not recommended for crops on soils that able to supply adequate amount for the desired copy yields.
b. The level of production desired or yield goal. Higher level of production require more nutrient at a given soil supplied than lower level of productions.
3. The predicting capability of soil testing programme is based on
a. Calibration and correlation of soil analysis with crop yield research programme.
b. Thorough and careful collection of soils samples to represent the area being considered.
c. Accurate and reproducible laboratory measurement.

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