Definition of Learning and Principals of Learning

Definition of Learning and Principals of Learning

Definition of Learning:

Learning is that process, which is the result of training and experience leads to new a changed responses.

Learning is the process by which a person becomes changed in his behavior through self activities.

Learning is that process by which the physical and mental activity of the individual leads to new or changed response.

Principals of Learning:

The principals of learning process are well established and have useful application in extension education. The principals provide real foundation for any educational efforts.

1) Learning is Growth Like and Continuous:

Teaching should begin from where the learner is i.e. level of knowledge, understanding and interest. The new idea must be related to old hence it is growth like and continuous.

2) Learning should be Purposeful:

Learning varies directly with meaningfulness of the subject. Learner must fell that it is useful to him. The objective of learning must be clear and meaningful to learner. The objective must specify the change to be brought out and the subject matter.

3) Learning Should Involve the Maximum Number of Senses:

Messages reach the human mind through the senses i.e. seeing, hearing, feeling testing, smelling etc. more than one sense is to be included in the process of learning so that learning becomes effective.

4) Learning Must Be Challenging and Satisfying:

Learning must be challenging. It should give satisfaction to the learner. It should be based on needs and wants of the learner. Teacher’s motivation, timely recognition and favorable attitude accelerate the learning. While negative attitude retard learning.

5) Learning Must Result in Functional Understanding:

In useful learning the learner should not only acquire new facts and ideas but also understand how to apply them in real condition knowledge is prerequisite for understanding.

6) Learning is Affected by Physical and Social Environment:

The general physical and social environment should be suitable for learning; physical factors include light, ventilation, furniture, sitting temperature etc. If the social environment is encouraging it helps for the learning process.

7) Learning Ability Varies Among Individuals:

The level of understanding varies according to intelligence of the individual. The level of communicator and the level of the learner must be in the line. So the subject can reach to the learner easily.

8) Learning is General and Gradual Process Which Requires Several Exposures:

Learning is a slow process and it increases gradually. For complete understanding of the subject several exposures are required complete understanding of the subject bring the change in the learner.

9) Learning Capacity is Significantly high in Adult Life:

Adult normally posses a more capacity to learn. The speed of learning decline after middle age.

Learning capacity increases rapidly till the age of 20 years then it remain constant up to around 50 years.

10) Learning is Active Process On the Part of Learner:

Learning is individual or personal matter. It is active process and depends upon the interest of the learner and stimulus of the teacher. The teacher can set up the learning situation and stimulate the person to learn.

11) Learning Requires Effective Communication:

Communication is the process by which two or more person exchange ideas for common understanding. Communication is a essence of learning and teachings.

12) Theory and Practical must be Related:

Theory and practical have always relationship. Theory relates to why and practical relates to how. Theory explains the structure and practical to its application.

13) Learning and Teaching is an Intentional Process:

The aim of teaching is to promote learning which will bring the desired change. When the objective of teaching and objective of learning are not clear in learning situation than it will lead to confusion.

14) Learned Behavior Results in to Changes Farms and Home Practices.

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