Development Programmes of Pre-independence and Post Independence Era

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Development Programmes of  Pre-independence and Post Independence Era

The present day human institution has not developed in a day or two nor in they the creations of one man.  They represent the cumulative fruit of the endeavor, experience, thoughtful planning and patient labours of large number of people through generations.  To comprehend, understand and appreciate the present day human institutions adequately, it is necessary to have a back ground knowledge of the course of its growth and development since the roots of these institutions lie deeply buried in the past, Organized extension work in India was started during post independence the alien rule under East India Company was largely concerned with maintenance of law and order rather than development.  However, concern for villagers and woes of toiling masses moved saints, sheers and social leaders to launch voluntary efforts at rural reconstruction.  One can find resemblance of extension work in these endeavors of pre-independence era.

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