Disadvantages of Joint Family System

Disadvantages of Joint Family System

1. The joint family under the strict control of head of family tends to be conservative and orthodox. It cannot change with times.

2. Member of family lack initiative because fruits of their initiative will ultimately be shared by other members who may be lazy and idle. Therefore, nobody puts in hard labor, which is so necessary for advancement in standard of living.

3. Due to lack of initiative in its members, the economic condition of the joint family goes on deteriorating.

4. There is disharmony due to generation gap in the family which affects the progress of the family adversely.

5. In a joint family the women look after household chores. Thus their talents are wasted and their lives are rendered miserable

6. The common property is looked after by none and its condition worsens for want of proper attention.

7. Due to diverse temperaments, there is always conflict between males and females and young and old.

8. As a large family has to live in limited space, there is no privacy.

9. Members tend to spend more and more due to the feeling that expenses will be scared by the whole family. This makes the economic condition of family worse.

10. Because of presence of numerous other members of family a harmonious relationship based of mutual love and affection cannot develop.

11. As the responsibility for upbringing of children is shared, there is uncontrolled reproduction. As a result of this the family economy goes down.

12. When a joint family disintegrates, the commonness of property leads to family founds and often to litigation in courts of law.


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