Disease Management of Legume Vegetable

Disease Management of Legume Vegetable

1. Seedling Blight:

Pre- emergence and post emergence damping off of seedling occur and the fribrous root being infested.

Control Measures:

The seeds be treated with Cerasan or Arasan or Speragon @ 2.5 gm per kg of seed before sowing.

2. Powdery Mildew:

Small, white, circular powdery spots appear on the upper surface of leaves which gradually cover the entire leaves, stems, petiole and the pods. They increased gradually resulting in the death of the leaves and fruits.

Control Measures:

Dusting the crop with sulfur @ 11.25 kg acer or spraying Wettable sulfur @ 2 kg %, starting just on the appearance of the disease have been found effective in controlling this disease.

3. Downey Mildew:

Symptoms are downy growth on lower surface of leaves which is white first, but later changes to violet and appears black is advance stage. Brown lesions are formed on pods in case of severe infector.

Control Measures:

This disease can effectively be controlled by spraying the crop copper Oxychloride (Blitox, Phytolan tc) @ 5 gm per liter of water.

4. Wilt:

Symptoms are premature yellowing and whitening of leaves and finally the diving of theentire plant. Plant may continue to wilt in patches in quick succession till the maturity period. The diseases affected plants can easily be pulled out. The diseases cause considerable damage when the crop is sown early and in light soil.

Control Measures: 

1. Early sowing should be avoided in badly infested areas.

2. The seed should be treated with cerasn @ 2.5 gm or captan @ 2.3 gm per kg of seed.

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