Diseases Management in Green Vegetables

Diseases Management in Green Vegetables

1. Leaf Spot Diseases:

It is caused by Cerospora traversina in fenugreek, C. baticola in Palak C. Spinaces in spinach, C. Chenopodi in bathua and Cercopora sp. In poi.

2. Downey Mildew Disease:

It is caused by Perinospora trigonella on fenugreek,P.parastica on brassicas, P. effuse on Chenopodium.

3. White Rust:

In Brassica it is caused by Albunog vandila, a. blightii in Amaranthus and A. portulaces on Purslane. Brassica leaves stem and pods are spoiled by lesions:
It is caused by Alternasia Brassicae.

Control Measures:

Removal of the infected plants and their destruction would be helpful reducing losses from these diseases.

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