Diversified Farming and Its Advantages

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Diversified Farming and Its Advantages

Diversified Farming:

A diversified farm is one that has several production enterprises or sources of income but no source of income equal as much as 50% of the total income from that source on such farm farmers depends on several sources of incomes. It is also called as general farming.


1. Better use of land, labour and capital: Better area land through adoption of crop rotations, steady employment of farm and family labour and more profitable use of equipment are obtained in diversified farming.
2. The farmer and labour engaged all the year round in different activities.
3. Less risk to crop failure and market price of the product.
4. The by products of this farm can utilize properly as cattle, poultry, birds, etc. are reared with crop production.
5. Regular and quicker return is obtained from various enterprises.
6. Soil erosion can be checked as land kept under cultivated throughout the year
7. Soil fertility can be checked as land kept under cultivated throughout the year.
8. Diversified farming is less risky than specialized farming.
9. Best use of all equipments.


1. Do not fetch desirable profit so long as co-operative marketing facility is not there.
2. Proper inspection of different enterprises is difficult.
3. It is not possible to farmer to maintain all types of machinery required for different crops.
4. The wastage of farm in any farm is difficult to detect.

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