Electronic mail is a name for non-interactive communication of text, data, image or voice message between two machines using telecommunication lines. Thus, FAX, voicemail, and computer based messaging systems fall within the purview of e-mail.

Unlike the telephone conversion, two individuals at either end of an email connection need to be “on – line” with each other. E-mail massages are from machine to machine. The message sent is stored in the memory of receiving machine and indication is given by the machine whenever it is put ON.

Any kind of text, information, graphs, voice can be transferred via-mail systems. In case of voice mail, recorded voice messages take place of documents or letters.

Advantages of E-mail:

1. It is fast. Messages can be sent across the world within minutes.
2. Less expensive as compared to Post and FAX.
3. More reliable than postal services (Postal losses and delay).
4. Stationary is saved.
5. Time slot of day is not the binding. Message can be sent at any time.


The requirements for operating an e-mail are:

1. A Computer
2. A modem and appropriate communication software. Modems are quite inexpensive.
3. A telephone line. A single telephone line can be used for both voice calls as well as e-mail.
4. Subscription to a Network Service Provider.

Thus, if you have a PC and a telephone, you can establish an e-mail service with very little effort.

Using e-mail –Etiquette:
1. Be Concise.
2. Keep lines/ sentences short.

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