Early Efforts in Extension Education

Early Efforts in Extension Education

In India extension work has its beginning with a few outstanding individuals of a philosophic and philanthropic bent of mind. But they worked in most part in isolation with one another and without Government assistance whose interest had been roused through their official contact with the villagers. In others their imagination and sympathy enabled them to visualize a better way of life for the villagers. But the work of most of them was confined to relatively small areas. A study of the more prominent of these Endeavour’s by Government officials, private individuals and institutions during the first half of the present century will give and insight which should be helpful in understanding the back ground of the community development.

1. Etawah Project

2. Nilokheri Project

3. Gurgaon Experiment

4. Shrinikrtan Attempt

5. Sewagram Attempt

6. Marathandam Attempt


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