Ecological Requirement of Cactus

Ecological Requirement of Cactus

The Cactus is one genus belonging to the family Cactacoac. However, cactus has become the common name for all the plants belonging to this family.
The succulents are characterized by very fleshy foliage or stem or both. These plants are capable of withstanding long droughty periods.


Cacti are adopted wide range of temperature. Succulents from arid region can ne grown anywhere in India.


Cacti do well in porous and calcareous soil. An ideal pot mixture for growing cacti and succulents would be leaf mould 1 part; coarse sand 2 parts; well rotten FYM 1/3 part; garden soil 1/3 part and crushed brick and charcoal 1/3 part.


Cacti can be multiplied sexually or asexually, grafting is also adopted for propagation of cacti. Succulents are propagated by seed. They can also be raised from cuttings.


Watering over watering is more dangerous than less watering.

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