Educational Institution

Educational Institution

Educational Institutions are those which seek to socialize individuals in society. Every new generation must be prepare and trained to play a role in society. Education is necessary for social and economic development of man in society.

What is Education?

Education can be defined as production of desirable changes in the behavior of people or individual. The changes which are not desirable are not considered as a education. What is desirable and what is undesirable is decided by social values. Education is continuous process in the life of an individual. This process begins immediately after birth and continuous till death. He may be conscious of it or he may not be. In everyday life a man learned so many things but he is not conscious (aware) of this type of education.

Education is important for all. If village people are properly educated, they shall be able to know, what is expected of them and what way, they can be useful members of the society.

It is Important for the Rural People because of the Following Factors:

1. Backwardness of the village life and the agriculture.

2. For village progress and reconstruction.

3. For proper training of the 70% of the population of the country which depends on agriculture.

4. To remove their superstitions.

5. To educate them about rural indebtedness which is responsible for various drawbacks of the village society.


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