Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology in concerned primarily with the study of human behavior as it is changed or directed under the social process of education, and secondarily with those studies of processes that contribute to an increased understanding of now behavior is changed and directed through education.

Aim of Educational Psychology:

Understanding, predication, and control of behavior are the goal of psychology and educational psychology.

Educational Psychology is Designed to:

1. Enhance and enrich the lives of the learners.

2. To furnish students with the knowledge and understanding that will help them for improvements in the quality of instruction. The subject matter includes the topic of growth and development, mental processes, learning, motivation, individual differences, adjustments, guidance and other aspects of behavior that appear in learning situations.

The Role of Educational Psychology in Education may be Summarized:

1. As to evaluate education theories.

2. To study and evaluate contemporary practices in education.

3. To evaluate different methods of teaching in the light of established principles of learning and motivation.

4. To help teacher to solve their personal problems.

5. To furnish methods for scientific study of problems in the general are of educational psychology.

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