Effect of Soil Structure on other Physical Properties

Effect of Soil Structure on other Physical Properties

Porosity: Porosity of a soil is easily changed. In plate like structure, pore spaces are less where as in crumby structure pore spaces are more.

Temperature: Crumby structure provides good aeration and percolation of water in the soil. Thus these characteristics help in keeping optimum temperature in comparison to plate like structure.

Density: Bulk density varies with the total pore space present in the soil. Structure chiefly influences pore spaces Platy structure with less total pore spaces has high bulk density where as crumby structure with more total pore spaces has low bulk density.

Consistence: Consistence of soil also depends on structure. Plate-like structure exhibits strong plasticity.

Colour: Bluish and greenish colors of soil are generally due to poor drainage of soil. Platy structure normally hinders free drainage.

Importance of Structure: Soil structure influences rather indirectly by the formation of an array of pores of various shapes and sizes. These pores are controlling factors governing water, air and temperature in soil.

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