Export Policy and Period Required to Export

Export Policy and Period Required to Export

1. Fresh vegetable export other than onion is allowed freely. Under this category and person my export vegetable to any country where export any person my export vegetables to any country where export is prohibited.

2. Government has started giving cash incentive of 10- 12 %.

3. Export of onion up to 20 kg per consignment is allowed by air as assorted vegetables.

4. Onion export has been canalized through (NAFED).

Period of Requirement:

1. South East- Asian countries demand is all year round. It slightly differs with local production.

2. In European market demand is from Nov. to Dec and April to May when there is no local production.

3. India having varied agro climatic condition can produce and supply the vegetables to different markets from one part or other parts of the country round the year. If necessary infrastructure facilities are created for pre- cooling and transport.

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