Extension Approach to Rural Development

Extension Approach to Rural Development

The extension approach uses the extension teaching methods for educating the people. It believes that the extension service can transform static economy into a dynamic economy. While improving the quality of family and community life, it emphasis the communication of information about innovative technical practices. It is mostly followed in America and Asia today and is referred to as the conventional or classical model of extension. This model was prepared by the Professors of the Land Grant Colleges who sought to make agricultural extension a separate scientific profession with its basic concepts, theory, principles and methodologies. The disciples who propagated this idea are the Americans and those who studied in the American Universities. They helped to establish this model in developing countries.


1. The main objective is to persuade and help farmers in increasing agricultural production by adopting improved agricultural practices.

2. It also aimed at improving the rural family life be educated the women and youth in the rural family life by educating the village people.

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