Factors Affecting Effective Rainfall

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Factors Affecting Effective Rainfall

1. Rainfall characteristics:-

i) High intensity of rainfall – less effective rainfall
ii) More duration of rainfall – less effective rainfall
iii) Well distributed rainfall – more effective rainfall
iv) With light showers.

2. Land characteristics:-

i) Leveled land – more effective rainfall
ii) Sloppy land – less effective rainfall more runoff
iii) Ploughed land – More effective rainfall
iv) Vegetative cover – Less runoff, more effective rainfall.

3. Soil characteristics:-

i) Infiltration rate – high infiltration rate – more effective rainfall
ii) Storage capacity – More storage capacity – more effective rainfall
(Depth of soil)
iii) Initial water content – high initial water content then less will be the effective rainfall


4. Crop characteristics:-

More roof zone depth complete ground cover Active stage of growth – More uptake of water more will be effective rainfall. 


5. Climate:

More radition    High temperature and Low temperature Relative humidity – High crop requirement and more effective rainfall  


6. Vegetative cover:-

Surface condition of soil canopy soil cover natures of roots mulches etc. affects the effectiveness of rainfall.

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