Factors Governing Crop Production or Affecting Crop Growth

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Factors Governing Crop Production or Affecting Crop Growth

Crop production is concerned with the exploitation of plant morphological (or structural) and plant physiological (or functional) responses with a soil & atmospheric environment to produce a high yield per unit area of land. Growth is irreversible increase in size or weight.

Crop production provides the food for human beings, fodder for animals and fiber for cloths. Land is the natural resource which is unchanged & the burden of the population is tremendously increasing, thereby decrease the area per capita. Therefore it is necessary to increase the production per unit area on available land. This necessitates the close study of all the factors of crop production viz.
1. The soil in which crops are grown
2. The water which is the life of plant
3. The Plant which gives food to man & fodder to his animals
4. The skillful management by the farmer himself
5. The climate which is out of control of man & but decided the growth, development & production.
6. The genetic characters of crop plant which is the genetic makeup & can be exploited for crop production.
Broadly, the factors that influence the growth of crop or crop production can be classified as:

A. Internal or Genetic Factors

B. External or Environmental Factors

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