Factors of Production – Labour (Mobility of Labour)

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Factors of Production – Labour (Mobility of Labour)

Mobility of Labour: Mobility of labour refers to change in location or change in occupation. After land, the labour as a factor of production is least mobile. Labourer generally does not want to leave his native place and hence mobility in Case of labour is relatively less.

Types of Mobility:

1) Geographical Mobility:
It refers to movement from one place to another; it may be from vil1ge to town or one town to another town or from one country to another country. This mobility is always difficult. Worker has to face lot of problems due to change in place. As far as Indian labourers are concerned the Keralian or Sikh are supposed to be more mobile than others.

2) Occupational Mobility: This may be of two types

a) Horizontal and b) Vertical mobility

  1. Horizontal mobility: Means worker moves from one occupation to another but almost in the same grade e.g. carpenter becomes blacksmith.

  2. Vertical mobility: Means moving from lower occupation to School teacher becomes college teacher for getting sizeable work appropriate hours of work required to be given to the labourer.


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