Farm Advertisement in News Paper

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Farm Advertisement in News Paper

An advertisement is a form of non personal presentation and promotion of idea, goods, and service by an identified sponsor. When product or inputs required in farming or any farm innovation are advertised, it is called farm advertisement in the newspapers, which considered as a most credible source of the information to evoke desired response from readers.

Components of Advertisement:

1. Heading: Caption of advertisement
2. Illustration: Supporting picture or photograph or diagram
3. Text: information of product presented through words.
4. Layout: Attractive combination of heading, illustration and text.

Objective of Advertisement:

1. To enhance the corporate image.
2. To reach new product
3. Persuasive
4. Mutative consumer to acquire product and create demand.
5. Educate consumer about correct use of the product.
6. Informing consumer about availability of product.
7. To establish product image.
8. To increase a sales and profit.

Advertisement Posses the Following Characteristics:

1. You pay for it.
2. You control what is said
3. You control who it is said
4. You control whom it is said
5. You control where it is put a publication or in the AIR.
6. You control the frequency of its use.

Type of Advertisement:

1. Heading dominant
2. Illustration dominate
3. Combination of 1 and 2
4. Balance

Criteria for Good Advertisement:

1. Advertisement should have proper border.
2. Advertisement should give details of important feature of the product.
3. it should have effective impact on appropriate audience.
4. Advertisement should aim at potential clan of people
5. Never underestimate the customers. (respect farmers)
6. Never make derogatory statement against competitors.
7. Honesty pays.

Advertisement is lifeline for newspapers. Newspaper is only product, first newspaper was published in world in 1622 and first advertisement in newspaper appeared in 1650.

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