Farm Advertisement of Radio and Television

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Farm Advertisement of Radio and Television

The advertisements are means fro selling the product by paying fees. The first advertisement on all India radio appeared in November 1967 from Vivid Bharti Bombay. The advertisement on radio and television are commercial in nature, while public service broadcasts (PSB) pay to the person involves.


1. Interest
2. Inform
3. Involve
4. Motivate
5. Direct

Two Types Radio Advertisements:

1. Spot (Prose / Form)
2. Jingle (Musical Form)

Criteria for Good Radio Advertisement:

1. Advertisement should be fast and catchy (100 words per minutes)
2. Choose target audience and plan the advertisement accordingly.
3. Effective writing with appropriate slogans which will be remembered.
4. Background music and special sound effect, to draw the attention.
5. Advance copy should be in same language (local). Copy of advertisement is its heart.
6. Constricting voices should be used, with few and appropriate words.
7. Good sound effect adds topics in advertisement.
8. Use signature tunes as per choice, without voice there will be void on radio.
9. Voice pronunciations should be clear is should create memorable visual image.
10. Avoid anything obscene or defamatory statement. Which can create law and order problem.
11. Humor in advertisement cab be very effective. Avoid order type language.

The advertisement agencies provide useful back up for producing advertisement on radio and television. However these agencies lack in agricultural knowledge. There is a vast scope for experts for advertising in farming sector.

There are various time categories and programme categories available for advertisement charge on radio and television, form 5 second onwards.
The television had added advantages of video presentation, which makes it a very effective mode of advertisement. For evoking desired response , timing of advertisement is necessary, to avoid waste. Selection of short, light, colour combination. Voice and personality of presenters play important role in effectiveness of advertisement on television.

Types of Shots:

1. BCU: Big close Up shot
2. CU: Close up.
3. MCU: Medium shot.
4. MS: Medium close up.
5. MLS: medium long shot.
6. Ls: Long shot.

Types of Light:

1. Key Light: Main source of light 9 suns).

2. Full light: Addition light to remove shadow.

3. Black light: For separation of background.

4. Background light: Illustration of background.

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