Farming System Concept and Scope

Farming System Concept and Scope

Sustainability is the objective utilization of inputs without impairing the quality of environment with which it interacts. Therefore, it is clear that farming system is a process in which sustainability of production is the objective.

The over all objective is to evolve technically feasible and economically viable farming system models by integrating cropping with allied enterprises for irrigated, rained, hilly and coastal areas with a view to generate income and employment from the farm.

The Specific Objectives are:

1. To identify existing farming systems in specific areas and access their relative viability.
2. To formulate farming system. Model involving main and allied enterprises for different farming situations.
3. To ensure optional utilization and conservation of available resources and effective recycling of farm residues within system and
4. To maintain sustainable production system without damaging resources/environment.
5. To rise o
ver all profitability of farmhouse hold by complementing main/allied enterprises with other.

Scope of Farming System:

Farming enterprises include crop, livestock, poultry, fish, free, sericulture etc. A combination of one or more enterprises with cropping when carefully chosen planned and executed gives greater dividends than a single enterprise, especially for small and marginal farmers. Farm as a unit is to be considered and planned for effective integration of the enterprises to be combined with crop production activity.

Integration of Farm Enterprises Depends on Any Factors Such as:

1. Soil and climatic features of the selected area.
2. Availability of the resources, land, labor & Capital.
3. Present level of utilization of resources.
4. Economics of proposed integrated farming system.
5. Managerial skill of farmer.


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