Feature Community Development Programme

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Feature Community Development Programme

The community development programme having a principle feature which gives the ideas about programme.

1. It has undertaken a countrywide programme of rural development.  The limited pilot approach with which the programme started was abandoned soon after in preference to a countrywide programme.  Therefore, a limited pilot approach in the matter of educating the rural people becomes inadequate.

2. An extension service well manned and trained is being placed right in the village and at the block level to assist and guide the rural people.

3. A big scheme for orientation and training of personnel has been undertaken to provide trained workers of or the community development programme. 

4. The promotion of local leadership through education and training on a scale commensurate with the programme of community development is now urgently called for.

5. The promotion of youth programmes as an integral part of the community development programme is being taken up and will have much contribution to make to the education of rural youth.

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