Field Inspection in Seed Production

Field Inspection in Seed Production

It is a key method in the whole process of certification for the verification of the seed quality when the crop is standing in the field and is subjected to the vagaries of weather and exposed to other known and unknown factors affecting its quality.

Field inspections are done by the seed certification inspector ( Field inspector ) from SSCA by examining seed crop in the field right from sowing upto harvesting. They verify key factor like, genetic purity, physical purity, seed health, which deteriorate seed quality in the field.

Inspection of Seed Crop in Standing Field is Field Inspection in Broad Sence:

Field Inspection is defined as inspection of standing crop in seed field by the seed certification officer or field inspection of SSCA to confirm isolation, genetically purity and timely rouging of contamination and other agronomical seed production practices for their fulfilment of prescribed standards ( or ) norms of SCA.

Objective of Field Inspection:

1) Verification of seed source.
2) Verification of cropping history of land for processing season or year.
3) Verification of Isolation.
4) Checking of planting method followed i.e planting ratio, border rows, in case hybrid seed production.
5) Rougeing of off types, diseased plants and other mechanical contaminants.
6) Guidance to seed growers.

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