Fruit Drop in Mango

Fruit Drop in Mango

Mango is subject to heavy and continuous fruit drop. Mango produces two types of flower in a panicle i.e., male flowers and hermaphrodite flowers. The percentage of leaf varies from variety to variety. It may be 30% in Dasheri, 70% in Langada, 16% in Neelum 3% in Allampur benshan and set also varies from 13 to 28% of hitch only 1 to 1.25% fruits reach to maturity. Most of the fruit drop occur after setting’ and is mainly due. to competition among young developing fruits.

One mango tree produces – 1000 panicles and 200 fruits may be harvested per tree.Panicle has approximately – 2000 to 5000 flowers, out of that 400 are hermaphrodite flowers. These develop 100 jawar size fruits, 30 day develop pea size and 3 may egg size.i.e 0.1fruit may develop full, 0.2 fruit may be harvested / panicle,200fruit / tree.

Cause of Fruit Drop in Mango:

1. Weather stress during development of fruits.

2. Deficient nutrition

3.  Attack of insect and pest

4. Windy location

5. Hail system

6. Cloudy weather     

1. Water stress is avoided during fruit deculopment period.

2. Manures and fertilizers should be given to maintain nutrition soil.

3. Timely control of insect and pest like mango hopper.

4. Wind breaks.

5. Spray of NAA 20 ppm twice at internal of 2 weeks after fruit set check the drop.

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