Fruit Drop in Orange (Santra)

Fruit Drop in Orange (Santra)

Fruit drop is a serious problem in santra. Generally tree bear large number of flowers and fruits but all of which are unable to carry to maturity. It is common observation that not more than 7 to 8% of the flowers develop in a mature fruit.

It has been observed at Nagpur and Akola in Ambia bahar of santra, a tree of 8 – 10 year ole bear 25000 – 35000 flowers and fruits harvested are 600 – 1200 only. Thus retention upto harvesting is 1.6 to 4.4%. Maximum fruit drop took place just after flowering, fruit set i.e. 80 – 90% and 5 to 8% at preharvest stage. If santra tree flowers in late February drop is more.

For Control of Ambia Bahar Fruit Drop following schedule be followed.

Post setting:    April – spraying – NAA 10 ppm or 20 ppm.

June drop   :    July / August – spray – NAA 10 ppm or 2.4 – D 10 ppm + 1% Urea.

Pre harvest:     September spray – NAA 10 ppm.

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