Functions and Powers of Zilla Parishad

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Functions and Powers of Zilla Parishad

1. The Zilla Parishad maintain District Development fund and utilize for any type of constructive work in District.

2. Implement the programmes as per directives of the State Government.

3. Zilla Parishad looks after safety, health, education, industry and financial aspect of the people living in the district.

4. They render advisory service to their Panchayat Samities.

5. They approve the budgets, plans of the plans of the Panchayat Samities.

6. Zilla Parishad plan for and prepare proposals for all items of developmental activities.

7. They supervise the work of different subjects undertaken by Panchayat Samiti in coordination.

8. They organize for various meetings of the members and officials.

9. They keep up to date records for various programme and documentation with the help of other Departments.

10. It works for the areas where Panchayat Samiti are defunct. The Zilla Parishad of Vice Government in respect of related matter of Rural Development.

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