Functions of Family

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Functions of Family

1. It helps in perpetuating the race through procreation.

2. It provides for a means to satisfy sexual needs of man and woman.

3. It helps in socializing the children and make them acceptable to the society.

4. It means the basic needs of its member.

5. It is the starting point of division of labor.

6. Family as a primary economic unit ensures that economic activities are shared by the family members.

7. It provides for education and vocational training of members so that they can share the economic burden.

8. It arranges to regulate the sex activities of unmarried members of a family in line with the restraints imposed by the society.

9. Family provides the children with a status till he becomes economically independent.

10. Children learn about customs, mores, superstitions and religion while they live in family and thus these are passed on from generation to generation.

11. The family carries out certain recreational activities for the benefit of young children and thus educates and broadens their outlook.

12. Family provides a sense of security to its members.

13. Family contributes towards preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage.

14. Family looks after its aged and disabled members.

15. Family disciplines its members so that the family is held in high esteem.

16. Family nourishes its member with mutual love and affection.

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