Future Needs of Biological Pest Suppression

Future Needs of Biological Pest Suppression

In future, Non Government Organizations (NGOs) should to expedite the pilot projects on mass production of same biotic agents like Trichogramma which have great potential to control pest like sugarcane borers, maize, sorghum, paddy cotton bollworms moths etc. predators such as Chrysopid and Coccinellids for aphids, mealy bugs on cotton, tobacco, grape guava and citrus guava and citrus similarly pathogens like NPV and saprophytic fungi and produce toxins (Gliotoxin and Varadin) which will the rute root disease of pulses and oilseeds.

Government may also consider the following suggestions for future works which may helps farmers in adopting bio control technology:

1. Popularization of literature through local languages.

2. Increasing finance to other bio control projects beside AICRPBC sanctioned by ICAR, New Delhi, and Department of Science and Technology and DBT, Government of India.

3. Judicious as well as restricted import of biotic agents from other countries.

4. Emphasis on exploration of indigenous biotic agents.

5. Preparation of ‘Field guide for biotic agents’ along with their visible stages and natural hosts.

6. Establishment of commercial factories to ensure supply of potential biotic agents.

7. Establishment of National Institute on Conservation of Biotic Agents along with network at district level.

8. Studies on biotic agents in relation to intercropping, cultural practices and other forms of organic farming.

Current problems with the use of chemical insecticides and emphasis on low impact sustainable agricultural have pushed the microbial agents to the fore front for use in pest management. However, microbial pesticide has not been economically competitive with chemical insecticides, primarily due to their host specificity. The relatively slow speed with which microorganism kill their hosts has hampered their effectiveness as well as acceptance by potential users. A wide range of environmental factors affects the efficacy of microbial pesticides. Development of resistance to viruses and Bt is a matter of serious concern. However, the use of both naturally occurring and genetically engineered microorganisms may increase the effectiveness against the less susceptible species.

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