Future Prospects of Ideotype Breeding

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Future Prospects of Ideotype Breeding

In India, the future research on crop Ideotype should be directed towards following aspects:

1. India has achieved self sufficient in the production of food grains through modification of plant characters and development of high yielding varieties/ hybrids. The further breakthrough in yield and quality has to be achieved through the exploitation of physiological variation. Ideotype both for high and low input technology condition have to be developed.

2. To further the yield potential of food grain crops, Ideotype have to be evolved for straight varieties and hybrids. There is ample scope of developing hybrid Ideotype in crops like maize, sorghum, pearl millet and rice. China has developed hybrid rice for commercial which covers more than 18 million hectares (Barwale, 1993).

3. Crop Ideotype have been developed in cereals and millets. There is ample scope for developing ideal plants or models plants in pulses, oilseeds, cotton and several other field crops. In these crops , again Ideotype have to be evolved both for irrigated as well as rainfed cultivation. In cotton, Ideotype have to be developed for regard to agrocliamatic conditions.

4. In addition to traditional breeding approaches, biotechnological approaches, especially tissue culture and protoplast technology, have to be utilized in future for designing new plant types. Biotechnology may help in the development of insect resistant cultivars through the use of transgenic plants.

5. Development of crop Ideotype is a continuous process, Ideotype is a moving goal which changes with advancement in knowledge, new requirements, change in economic policy, etc.

6. Ideotype should be developed to adverse condition such as heat cold, salinity, and drought conditions.

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