Genetic in Relation to Plant Breeding

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Genetic in Relation to Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is an application of Genetic principles to the improvement of plants. The following genetic principles are useful to improve the heredity of plants.


Differences among be due to genotype or environment. Environmental variation may be observed by growing the plants with similar genotypes under different environment. Ex. Rice, Wheat plants grown on fertile soil will show more vigorous and productivity than infertile soil. These variations in growth and development result from the effect of particular environment in which the plants are grown.

Genotypic variation is the results of plant processing different genetic characters and it remains unaltered by environmental conditions. Generally they may be observed it different varieties or species are grown under similar environment. Ex. Colour of the seed, presence of awn etc. Heritable variation in plants originates from gene recombination after hybridization, spontaneous mutating and polyploidy this processes plant species have been evolved in nature and reached present stage of development. These two types of variation are not independent of each other, but they interact and affect on the plant.

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