Germplasm Activity – Documentation

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Germplasm Activity – Documentation

Documentation refers to compilation, analysis, classification, storage and dissemination of information. In plant genetic resources, documentation means dissemination of information about various activities such as collections, evaluation, conservation, storage and retrieval of data. Now the term documentation is more appropriately known as information system. Documentation is one of the important activities of genetic resources. Information system is useful in many ways as given below:

1. It provides information about various activities of plant genetic resources.
2. It provides latest information about characterization conservation, distribution, and utilization of genetic resources.
3. It helps explores, evaluators and curators in the conservation of genetic resources.
4. It helps in making genetic resources accessible to plant breeders and other users.

Large number of accessions is available in maize, rice, wheat, sorghum, potato, and other major crop. About 7.3 million germplasm accessions are available in 200 crops species. Handling of such huge germplasm information is only possible through electronic computers. For uniformity of information IPGRI has designed descriptors (characters) and descriptor state for majority of crops. The entire data is put in the computer memory and the desired information can be obtained any time from the computer.

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